Intelligent text-based reporting and navigation for Microsoft Project Web Access

Project Explainer brings the unique natural language reporting and navigation capabilities of our Project Reporter product to Microsoft Project 2002 Web Access.

Project Explainer enhances the Web Access user interface to provide unique ease-of-use features and powerful real-time reporting capability. Integrating seamlessly into the Project Server/Web Access environment, it generates natural language descriptions of individual projects, tasks, assignments and resources, as well as rollup summaries across a variety of data dimensions.

Natural language text makes project information instantly and intuitively accessible, and since it's automatically generated, it's always up to date. There's nothing you need to write, and no special annotations of your project data are required.

But that's not all — besides reporting on project data, Project Explainer also serves as an enhanced interactive navigation tool for Web Access views. You can click on links in the text to highlight related tasks, apply Gantt filters, or drill up or down to related views.

Project Explainer works in concert with the views defined in Project Web Access, so that the text displayed automatically adapts to the fields displayed in the grid control. You can also customize the definitions of indicators for schedule, work, and cost status, to match the project management practices of your organization.

Whether you are a team member, a project manager, an executive, or a project stakeholder, Project Explainer makes it easier to quickly find and understand the project information you need!

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