Contents : Configuring and customizing Project Reporter
Adding your logo to Project Reporter pages

You can customize Project Reporter to display your corporate logo on the Login and Home pages, by simply replacing a GIF file in the installation directory.

To add your logo, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a GIF image of your logo. The recommended size is between 30 and 50 pixels high, and up to 120 pixels wide. If the logo does not fill the entire image rectangle, you should either save it with a transparent background, or set the background color to white.
  2. Locate the empty placeholder GIF file in the html/images directory. In a default Windows installation with the Apache Tomcat server, the full path of this file is C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Tomcat 4.1\webapps\projectreporter\html\images.
  3. Rename the empty placeholder file, or move it to another directory. You should not simply delete it, in case you wish to remove your logo later — if this file is missing, you will see missing-image symbols in your browser when viewing Project Reporter.
  4. Copy your logo file into this directory, and rename it as custom-logo.gif. It will now be displayed by Project Reporter, in place of the empty placeholder image.
  5. If you later wish to remove your logo from Project Reporter, restore the original placeholder image to this directory, with its original filename.