Contents : Configuring and customizing Project Reporter
Providing direct access to individual project reports

If you wish, you can allow Project Reporter users to access individual project reports directly, without having to log in and use the Home page to select a report.

To enable this behavior, you must have the Guest account enabled. Note that this may reduce the overall security of your Project Reporter installation — this configuration is most appropriate for a relatively secure environment, such as a corporate intranet.

To make a project report directly available via a hyperlink on another web page, perform the following steps:

  1. Use the Projects page in the administration interface to load the project.
  2. Once the project has been loaded, the name of the project file displayed on the Projects page should become a hyperlink — if it does not, check to make sure that the Guest account is not disabled.
  3. Click on the hyperlink to open a new browser window, which displays the report for the project.
  4. Copy the URL displayed in the report window, and paste it into the HTML document that you wish to link to the report (using the appropriate <a> ... </a> syntax for an HTML link).
  5. Test the HTML page you are linking from, to ensure that the link works correctly.
  6. If you later unload the project (for example, if it becomes obsolete), remember to update the links in the other HTML page.