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Terms and definitions used by Project Reporter

This topic defines some of the terms used in the textual descriptions generated by Project Reporter.

Completion status

This refers to the status of a project, task, or milestone, with reference to the current project schedule. The possible values for a task or project are:

For a milestone, the possible values are: Note: Project Reporter assumes that milestones have zero duration and cost.

Earned value fields (BCWP, BCWS, ACWP, CV, SV, BAC, EAC, VAC, CPI, SPI, TCPI)

These fields are commonly used as metrics to evaluate the cost and schedule performance of a task or project. They stand for the following terms:

CV, SV, CPI, SPI, VAC, EAC, and TCPI are defined as follows: Note: Project Reporter uses the first definition of the CV field shown above (as do Microsoft Project 98 and Project 2000/2002), and recalculates CV where necessary. Project Reporter also calculates the TCPI field using the formula shown, in formats prior to Microsoft Project 2002 where it is not defined directly. Task EAC is not recalculated for formats prior to Microsoft Project 2002; in those formats it is taken to be the same as Cost.

Project Reporter also displays the following fields, where applicable: