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Project Reporter Quick Start

Introduction to Project Reporter
         What is Project Reporter?
         Who should use Project Reporter?
         How Project Reporter works
         Hardware and software requirements
         Security guidelines
         Licensing model
         What's new in this version
         Upgrading from previous versions of Project Reporter

Installing Project Reporter
         Stand-alone installation (Windows only)
         Installing with Apache Tomcat
         Installing with JRun (3.0 or later)
         Installing with Caucho Resin
         Installing with BEA WebLogic
         Configuring Linux/Unix installations to display the Gantt chart properly
         Installing JDBC drivers for database access
         Configuring multiple instances of Project Reporter

Configuring and customizing Project Reporter
         Publishing reports to other users
         Providing direct access to individual project reports
         Using custom fields
         Working with subprojects and resource pools
         Putting hypertext links in data fields
         Adding your logo to Project Reporter pages

Administering Project Reporter
         Managing data sources and projects
                 Directory data sources
                 ODBC data sources
                 JDBC data sources
                 The default data source
                 Updating project data
                 Creating an ODBC Data Source Name (DSN)
         Managing groups
         Managing users
         Managing roles
         Managing views
                 Configuring natural language descriptions
                 Configuring the Gantt chart display
         Managing preferences
         License information
         Client statistics
         Report pages

Viewing reports in Project Reporter
         Logging in to Project Reporter
         Using the Home page
         Viewing summaries and item descriptions
         Changing the zoom level of the Gantt chart
         Sorting and filtering reports
         Working with Views
         Using report options
         Working with task links
         Terms and definitions used by Project Reporter
         Printing reports

Supported project data formats
         Microsoft Project .MPP files
                 Supported fields
         Microsoft Project 2000/2002 database format
                 Supported fields
         Microsoft Project 98 database format
                 Supported fields
         Project Reporter PRX export format
                 Using the PRX export macro with Microsoft Project 98 or 2000/2002
                 Supported fields
         Scitor PS7/PS8 files
                 Using the PS7/PS8 export scenario
                 Supported fields
         MPX files
                 Using MPX files from non-English software
                 Supported fields
         Summary of supported fields by data format
                 Project fields
                 Task fields
                 Resource fields
                 Assignment fields


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