Installing Project Reporter

Project Reporter can be installed in different configurations, depending on your security requirements. Project Reporter requires a web server that supports Java Servlets (as of Version 3.0, Project Reporter no longer includes the JRun Servlet Engine). For users who do not already have a servlet-capable web server, we recommend the free Apache Tomcat server. Servers such as Tomcat can be used stand-alone in environments (such as a typical office intranet) without special security requirements. If stronger security is required (such as on extranets or the Internet), most of them can be configured to use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), or to run in conjunction with the most popular third-party web servers, such as Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).

The following topics describe how to install Project Reporter in different configurations. For more information about which configuration is most appropriate for your environment, see Security guidelines.

         Stand-alone installation (Windows only)
         Installing with Apache Tomcat
         Installing with JRun (3.0 or later)
         Installing with Caucho Resin
         Installing with BEA WebLogic
         Configuring Linux/Unix installations to display the Gantt chart properly
         Installing JDBC drivers for database access
         Configuring multiple instances of Project Reporter