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Licensing model

Project Reporter is priced based on the number of client computers that can contact the server in order to view reports.

Each computer contacting the server counts as a separate client. A single client computer can be used by any number of users, with any number of login IDs, under the same client license. However, if the same user logs in from different client computers, or if the same login ID is used by different users from different client computers, a client license must be purchased for each client computer.

If a client license for a given client computer is not used for one month, it can be transferred to another client computer. Client computers are tracked using TCP/IP host names or numbers. As of Version 3.0, Project Reporter tracks clients with the aid of browser cookies, so that computers whose IP addresses change from time to time because of dynamic address protocols like DHCP (for example, when using a dial-up or VPN connection) are not counted multiple times.

Project Reporter provides a client statistics page, as part of the administration interface, which displays a list of the client computers that have contacted the server in the past month. This page can be used by system or project administrators to ensure compliance with the license terms.

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