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Microsoft Project 2000/2002 database format

Project Reporter supports the Microsoft Project 2000/2002 database format, either in .MPD files or on database servers such as Microsoft SQL Server.

Note: Beginning with Version 3.0, Project Reporter can load .MPD files directly, without requiring you to create a Windows ODBC data source name (DSN) (unless you store multiple projects in the same .MPD file).

If you are storing your projects in a database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Project 2000/2002 requires you to configure an ODBC data source name (DSN) in order to load or save projects. You can use this same DSN to create an ODBC data source in Project Reporter, if the DSN exists on the same computer where the Project Reporter server is running. If the Project Reporter server is running on another computer, you must create a DSN on that computer, pointing to the same database.

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