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Configuring multiple instances of Project Reporter

It is possible to configure multiple instances of the Project Reporter servlet to run on the same web server or servlet engine. This allows you to specify a different configuration directory for each instance, so that all settings and administration functions (including data sources, user accounts, groups, report views, etc.) are managed separately for each instance.

Note: In order to use multiple instances of the Project Reporter servlet on the same server, you must obtain a separate license and serial number for each instance, and monitor the client statistics for that instance according to the license terms.

To create multiple instances of Project Reporter on the same server, perform the following steps (these instructions are also included in the web.xml file contained in the projectreporter.war archive):

  1. Install one instance according to the default instructions appropriate for your server.

  2. Create a copy of the resulting expanded directory — for example, copy C:\Program Files\Apache Tomcat 4.0\webapps\projectreporter to ...webapps\projectreporter2.

  3. In the copied directory, edit the web.xml file, and change the value of the webAppName parameter to match the name of the copied directory (e.g. projectreporter2).

  4. To access the new instance, use a URL of the form: http://localhost:8080/projectreporter2/prservlet (you may need to restart the server first).
Note that any changes you make from this point on to the copied instance will not be reflected in the original instance, and vice versa.