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Using the PRX export macro with Microsoft Project 98 or 2000/2002

The Project Reporter installation includes an export macro to create PRX files from either Microsoft Project 98 or Project 2000/2002. The macro automatically saves the current project as a PRX file in a designated directory, which should be set up as a data source directory for Project Reporter.

To install the macro, follow these steps:

  1. Open the macro file in Microsoft Project 98 or 2000/2002 (the file is located in the Project Reporter installation folder). If you see a warning dialog about the macros in this file, select "Enable macros".
  2. Select Organizer from the Tools menu, and click on the Modules tab in the Organizer dialog that appears. You will see lists of the macros and forms available in your global template on the left, and in the file you opened on the right. Select all of the items in the list on the right, and click "Copy" to place them in your global template. This will make the macro available in any project file you open.
  3. (Optional) Use the Tools | Customize | Toolbars menu command to create a custom toolbar button to run the export macro.

To run the export macro, use the custom toolbar button, or select Macro | Macros... from the Tools menu, then select "ExportToProjectReporter" and click "Run"). A dialog box will appear in which you can specify the name of the PRX file and a directory to export to. Click on the Export button to save the file.