Contents : Viewing reports in Project Reporter
Printing reports

If you wish to print reports generated by Project Reporter, you can obtain good results in either Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 5 or later), Netscape Navigator (version 6 or later), or Mozilla (version 1 or later) by using the default Print command. This will display the three frames of the report interface on a single page, allowing you to include the textual summary of a list of items (possibly with a filter applied), or of an individual item. However, it may not display all items in the Gantt chart, depending on the size of the project.

In Netscape or Mozilla, you can also right-click in the Gantt chart frame and select This Frame | Open Frame in New Window, and print from the resulting window. This will show all items in the Gantt chart, using as many pages as necessary.

In most cases, printing will work better if you set the page orientation to Landscape.