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Publishing reports to other users

Once you have installed Project Reporter and verified that it is working correctly, you will want to make its location available to other users so that they can view reports. There are two main ways to do this:
  1. Notify other users of the URL (web-server address) of the login or entry page, so that they can enter this location in their web browsers;
  2. Create a link to Project Reporter on another web page, for example on your company's intranet.
You can also point users directly to Project Reporter's Home page rather than to the Login page, if this meets your security requirements.

Because the default URL for Project Reporter is fairly complex, the second method listed above is recommended (note that the web page that points to Project Reporter does not have to be located on the same web server as Project Reporter). If you use the first method, you should encourage users to bookmark the location of the login page, for convenience.

The actual URL that should be used to access Project Reporter will depend on how it is installed. For a default stand-alone installation with the Apache Tomcat server, the URL would be of the form:

In some network configurations, it may be more convenient to use the host name without the domain name (i.e., substituting simply myhost for This may avoid problems with firewalls, for example.

If you wish to send all users directly to the Home page (using the Guest account, which must be enabled), you should add the extension NoLogin to the URL, for example:

Note: When creating a link to Project Reporter or directing users to a URL for it, it is important that you use a location such as those shown above, so that option settings can be tracked correctly; if users jump directly to other pages within Project Reporter's user interface, for example using bookmarks, there can be unexpected results.

For more details on the URLs used to access Project Reporter in different configurations, see Installing Project Reporter.

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