Contents : Configuring and customizing Project Reporter
Working with subprojects and resource pools

As of Version 3.0, Project Reporter no longer requires any special naming conventions when saving resource pool projects, master projects, or subprojects. In previous versions, these conventions were used to provide hyperlinks between reports on related projects, as well as to determine how work and cost figures were recalculated in resource pool projects.

Project Reporter treats a project as a resource pool if it has no tasks (other than the root project summary task), and does not apply the Show resource work/cost for current project only option to resource pool projects. This means that resource work and cost figures for a resource pool project will reflect each resource's assignments in all projects that use the resource pool.

Note: Because of this convention, if you wish to be able to view summary work and cost information for resources in a resource pool, you should make sure that your resource pool projects do not contain any tasks. If they do, they will be treated as regular projects, and resource work and cost figures will be recalculated to reflect only assignments in the current project (unless you turn the Show resource work/cost for current project only option off).