Contents : Viewing reports in Project Reporter
Viewing summaries and item descriptions

Reports generated by Project Reporter let you view two types of information: A summary description is displayed when you first visit the report page, and when you change the current view or filter. Summary descriptions contain hyperlinks that you can use to apply filters, as in the following example: Selecting any of these links will apply the appropriate filter to the Gantt chart, and update the summary description to reflect the added filter. You can repeat this process to apply multiple filters.

To view a description of an individual item, select its icon in the Gantt chart, or click on its Gantt bar.

When viewing an individual item description, you can click on one of the links at the top of the description frame to return to a summary description. For example, if you have filtered a list of tasks to show only those in progress, you will see the following heading:

You can click on the In Progress link to return to a summary of the in-progress tasks, or the Project Tasks link to return to a summary of all the tasks.