Contents : Introduction to Project Reporter
What is Project Reporter?

"Instant web-based status reports, in plain English"

Project Reporter makes it easy to put your project schedules on the web, and view project information using automatically generated natural language reports.

Natural language text makes project information instantly and intuitively accessible, and since it's automatically generated, it's always up to date. There's nothing you need to write, and no special annotations of your project data are required.

Easy to use and administer

Project Reporter is designed for ease of use, both by project administrators and end users. Natural language-based reports make it easy for users to find the information they need — the meaning and significance of different data elements is explained in understandable terms, and hyperlinks in the text let users perform operations such as filtering in a completely intuitive manner.

Administration of Project Reporter is also simple and intuitive — by customizing the built-in roles and views, you can provide exactly the right kind of information to a range of users, from executives to team members.

Broad platform support

Project Reporter is designed to support a wide variety of client and server platforms. It supports several project data formats, from MPX files to enterprise-class databases — including Microsoft Project versions 98 to 2002, and Scitor Project Scheduler.

The Project Reporter server can be run on any Java-compatible platform, including Linux, and both Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers are supported (with no Java applets or ActiveX controls).