Contents : Introduction to Project Reporter
Who should use Project Reporter?

Project Reporter is not meant to be an all-purpose project management tool — rather, it is designed to allow you to easily and effectively disseminate project information to project stakeholders.

Stakeholders in a project may include the following:

Generally speaking, the further stakeholders are in the organizational structure from the core project team, the more interested they will be in the ease of access that Project Reporter provides to project information. Project managers will typically require software such as Microsoft Project for analytical functions (for example, resource levelling), and team members may require other software for reporting actual effort; but people in these roles can also benefit from Project Reporter's enhanced presentation of the state of the project.

Project Reporter is appropriate for organizations who wish to publish project information to a variety of types of users, both easily and inexpensively. Its web-based implementation makes it much more cost-effective than placing general-purpose project management software on every stakeholder's desktop.