CogentHelp is an authoring tool for on-line application help, developed by CoGenTex under a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II award from Rome Laboratory (USAF). CogentHelp partially automates the production of help for graphical user interfaces (GUIs), by compiling human-authored help "snippets" associated with each component of an application's GUI into a well-structured, interconnected HTML-based help system. It also generates help topics dynamically, so that they reflect the current state of the application at runtime.


  • Supports Java applets, allowing applications as well as their on-line help to be deployed over intranets or the Web.
  • Automatically checks consistency of GUI-oriented help topics with the application itself, informing the help author of any missing or obsolete topics.
  • Automates most of the "drudge" work of constructing a complex system of hypertext documents with consistent formatting and style.
  • Provides navigation support through expandable table of contents; web search engines can also be integrated.
  • Supports integration of hand-written topics with topics that are generated from help "snippets".
  • Supports extensive customization, through CoGenTex's Exemplars framework.
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