LFS: A Knowledge-Based Summarizer for Economic Statistics

The Labor Force Statistics (LFS) System, developed by CoGenTex for Statistics Canada, automates the production of bilingual text summaries in several areas of economic statistics. A graphical user interface supports the display of tabular and graphical information, from which the text planner extracts salient facts for inclusion in the reports. Users may set thresholds of sensitivity for analyzing trends in the data. The output text follows the professional style employed in published reports for each language.


  • Incorporates user-tunable heuristics for identifying significant changes in statistical data over time.
  • Automatically plans and generates multi-paragraph textual reports for statistical domains involving labor force, retail trade and consumer price indices.
  • Coordinates the display of tables and graphs with text production.
  • Uses a general language model, currently applied to produce English and French texts, that can be extended to additional languages on request.


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