To address DARPA's current needs in translingual information extraction, CoGenTex Inc., Cornell University, and the University of Montreal are investigating an integrated approach to the rapid development of translingual information extraction and interactive summarization systems. For an overview of the project, see the RIPTIDES Project Home Page.

CoGenTex's major responsibilities in RIPTIDES are

  • research and development in the area of user-directed multidocument summarization of translated extraction results;
  • research and development of rapidly configurable and portable machine translation of extracted event instances, based on a combination of automated corpus-based and linguistically-based techniques with an emphasis on high-accuracy translation (together with the University of Montreal's RALI group); and
  • RIPTIDES system integration and user interface design and development.

In developing our components of the RIPTIDES system, we plan to take advantage of our Exemplars and RealPro tools, as well as the work-to-date on our Machine Translation project.


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