Since its founding in 1989, CoGenTex has been using advanced text generation and related natural language processing technologies to build practical software systems. In addition to our research activities, we provide custom development and consulting services to a variety of clients.

To see some of the systems we have developed for specific clients, take a look at our solutions portfolio.

The services we offer include:


CoGenTex provides consulting services in a variety of areas related to natural language processing:
  • Text generation and summarization
  • Sublanguage description and processing
  • Knowledge representation and knowledge bases
  • Information management
  • Controlled language design and conformance checking
  • Machine translation

Custom Development

CoGenTex's primary activity is prototyping software systems in different application areas, and developing them into either commercial products or custom applications for specific clients. Development normally involves configuring components of CoGenTex's text generation tool suite or other natural-language tools, adding other customized components (such as knowledge representation systems), and integrating with standard applications where appropriate.

For more information

For more information about CoGenTex's consulting and development capabilities, contact Dr. Richard Kittredge.