EXCLASS Job Description Module

EXCLASS is a prototype authoring tool and expert system for job description and classification, built for the Treasury Board of Canada for use by managers across the Canadian Public Service. The Job Description Module of EXCLASS supports the analysis and authoring of conceptual representations of job descriptions, which are then evaluated by the expert system component of EXCLASS. The conceptual representations are also used to generate textual job descriptions automatically.


  • Conceptual representations facilitate composition and editing of job descriptions, searching and comparison, and automatic evaluation using expert reasoning techniques.
  • Automatic generation of textual job descriptions relieves the user of tedious composition tasks, while ensuring standardized, accurate, professional-quality text.
  • Innovative Text Preview feature provides the user with instant feedback during the conceptual composition process, helping to verify the correctness of a job description.
  • Design supports incorporation of job analysis tools, providing access to textual databases, organizational charts, workflow information, etc.


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