FoG (Forecast Generator)

FoG is part of the Forecaster's Production Assistant (FPA), a workstation environment developed by Environment Canada as a productivity aid for its meteorologists. Forecasters use FPA's graphical editor to modify a map showing barometric pressure, the location of fronts, and other data. After modifying the map, the forecaster presses the "Generate" button, and FoG automatically generates a textual weather report for the area in both English and French.

FoG, as part of FPA, has been used by forecasters in Environment Canada since its initial introduction in 1993. FPA is considered to be the most advanced forecaster productivity enhancement tool of its kind in the world.


  • Automatic generation frees forecasters from the mechanical aspects of producing weather reports, allowing them to concentrate on the aspects of forecasting which most require human knowledge and intuition.
  • Bilingual generation allows English and French forecasts to be delivered immediately, with no delay for translation. Forecasters' sense of control is increased, since they no longer rely on outside translators to produce forecasts.