Solutions Portfolio

CoGenTex has developed a variety of real-world solutions for commercial and government clients, using NLG technology. Follow the links below for more information on each system.


The ARNS (Automated Real-time Narrative Summaries) system was developed by CoGenTex for NOAA's National Ocean Service. ARNS generates real-time natural language summaries of water levels, coastal currents and other meteorological and oceanographic data, in order to complement tabular and graphical displays and give users a more comprehensive overview of current conditions.


CoGenTex's Recommender software generates natural language descriptions and comparisons of product features, using information obtained from a ranking and comparison engine. Recommender is licensed to Active Decisions, the leading provider of web-based guided-selling solutions.

FoG (Forecast Generator)

FoG generates weather forecasts in English and French, from meteorological data. It was developed for Environment Canada, as part of their Forecaster's Production Assistant (FPA), considered the most advanced forecaster productivity enhancement tool of its kind in the world.

EXCLASS Job Description Module

EXCLASS is a prototype expert system for job description and classification, built for the Treasury Board of Canada. CoGenTex developed EXCLASS's Job Description Module, which provides a concept-based authoring environment for job descriptions, with automatic generation of French and English text.