CoGenTex's Recommender software uses patent-pending technology to generate natural language descriptions and comparisons of product features, using information obtained from a ranking and comparison engine. Recommender is licensed to Active Decisions, the leading provider of web-based guided-selling solutions, for use with its Active Sales Assistant™ product.

Recommender makes it easy for users of a product comparison guide to quickly understand the most important positive and negative features of a given product, as they relate to the user's individual requirements. The text generated by Recommender complements tables showing detailed product features, by giving a higher-level summary of this information.


This screenshot is from Active Decisions' Active Sales Assistant™, which incorporates the Recommender:

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  • Natural language description makes it easier to understand product features at a glance, rather than combing through tables.
  • Descriptions explain the rationale for product rankings, by mentioning pros and cons of each product, as well as comparisons between products.
  • Natural language text summarizes products by mentioning only the most important features, according to the user's preferences.

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