CoGenTex has developed a core software toolset to support the development of practical, flexible, high-performance natural language generation applications. The main components of the toolset are Exemplars and RealPro.


Exemplars provide an efficient, object-oriented framework for generating text, flexibly combining templates and simple "if-then" logic with more sophisticated text construction models and revision capabilities.

Exemplars are based on standard Java and XML technology, and can easily integrated with web servers, databases, and other environments.

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RealPro is a syntactic realizer, which generates syntactically correct text from abstract content specifications. It is suitable for use in "fine-grained" text generation applications, where the range of complexity of generated texts is beyond what a template-based system can handle efficiently.

RealPro is based on the same Java and XML technology as Exemplars, and can be used as an add-on to Exemplars, or integrated with other systems and tools.

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